Our Pricing

Our pricing is simple.

You pay for the devices you have connected through our platform

Your first 10 devices are free.*

After that, we charge as follows:

Starting Out Scaling Production Enterprise
$95 / month $275 / month $1250 / month $2950 / month
1 Developer 3 Developers included 5 Developers included Unique requirements?
50 devices included 100 devices included 250 devices included Tell us all about it.
$0.99 / device $0.79 / device $0.59 / device We'll work with you.

*For each device you have, you can send up to 8,750 messages per month through our platform. Beyond that, we charge $1.00 for each 100,000 messages you send across all your devices per month.

Note that these prices are what we charge to use our platform. Other costs, such as hardware costs, development costs and cellular data costs, among others, may apply.

A message is a get or set message sent from or received to a device or application connected to our platform. Get and set messages are defined in our Base API documentation.

If a message is more than 512 bytes, we will treat each 512 bytes as a message.


Let's say you have an IoT device that sends a heartbeat message through the platform once every 5 minutes.

Let's assume for this example that you have already used your free messages for the month.

And, let's assume that all of your messages are less than 512 bytes long.

Your device sends (30 days x 24hrs x 12 times per hour) = 8,640 messages per month.