Installing Firmware

If you have installed the Gem and run the install generator, you will be able to use the included rake task to install firmware. The rake tasks allows you to install firmware for a particular Worker within your application's Hive on to a device.

First, you need to set your networking configuration for the device.

If you are using WiFi:

$ rake firmware:wifi[ssid,password,security_mode]

Allowed security modes are NONE and WPA2

If the device uses a cellular connection:

$ rake firmware:cellular[on]

If your device uses an SD card (like a Raspberry Pi), mount the SD card on your development machine. Otherwise, connect the device using a USB cable to your development machine.

If you want to give a name to the device you are installing, use the following command (for a thermostat to be installed in a kitchen):

$ rake firmware:install[Thermostat,Kitchen]

NOTE: the command may ask you for your password.

If you do not want to give a name to the device you are installing run:

$ rake firmware:install[Thermostat]
Mac Dougherty