Apiotics: IoT DevOps for Rails developers.

Create your IoT Rails app in three steps

  1. Configure your IoT device here on the Apiotics portal
  2. Use Apiotics IoT DevOps tools to install device software
  3. Quickly build and deploy a Rails app to control your devices with Apiotics DevOps tools

With Apiotics, get up and running on the IoT without learning embedded programming, or setting up a complex backend infrastructure.

There is no charge to get started, and connecting your first 10 devices is free!*

Check out our IoT Rails App in 5 minutes video below to see how easy it is to build an IoT application.

Take a look at IoT hardware you can start using right away on our workers page

Or, check out our documentation.

*See our pricing page for more details

Apiotics User Spotlight:


Leakspotter is a small, smart device that analyzes water flow and sends a message to your phone or building management system (BMS) when any size leak or overflow is detected.

Leakspotter significantly reduces costs due to water wastage. According to the company, a property with 1,000 apartments can save $120,000 per year with their solution.